Due to the digital transformation of their ecosystems, the businesses of today must focus on their core values and place them at their clients' service. Open supports them by making the technology invisible and ensuring that instead of being an obstacle, it can now become a powerful business accelerator.
Open has devoted its best employees' expertise to developing cutting-edge solutions that lead their field, incorporating both the functional knowledge acquired through Open’s interactions with its clients over the years, and its digital expertise: Cloud, Mobility, Geo and Big Data.

"Now more than ever, our clients are seeking to become faster, more agile and more responsive. That's why we apply the same requirements to the development of our solutions. To this end, we've developed an open innovation culture in partnership with our clients and partners based on an iterative approach, with multidisciplinary teams capable of challenging the status quo and constantly seeking improvements to create outstanding products.

Hervé Claverie

Open's R&D teams work in agile mode, using DevOps methodologies. They make Design the cornerstone of their products, in collaboration with their clients and users. And they develop and operate their solutions via the continuous innovation platform integrated by OPEN. This platform, designed according to ‘Cloud First’ and ‘API-centric’ principles within a micro-service-based architecture, enables Open to propose frequent new solutions and ensure their very rapid development.

Open's Solutions range is divided into three major families:

  • Business-Centric solutions:
    • Primpromo – the property development monitoring & management tool
    • XLoan (published by our subsidiary MCO Finance) – the solution for finance professionals
    • Izberg - the solution for scalable, modular and customizable marketplace
  • Digital-Centric solutions:
    • FullMaps – a collaborative web and mobile map-creation solution
    • Swizi - the solution to create and animate mobile apps
  • The ‘Fast IT’ Platform
    • The product of a complete integration and based on Open Source building blocks for the development and operation of your SaaS solutions within an API-centric, modular micro-service-based architecture

Finally, Open also provides an entire range of services associated with its solutions, from advice and analysis to implementation, training and client support.