Credit institutions are changing the way they work with individuals, driven by three major factors: new digital uses, harmonisation of the European regulatory framework and specific government support systems.

Market leaders need to be agile and progressive to respond to these new developments.

Specialised in the management of all forms of financing, the Xloan byOpen software package is designed to help finance professionals optimise the life cycle of their Individual loan and guarantee activities:

Consumer creditMortgagesLeasing
Micro-creditsDebt purchasingGuarantees

A rich variety of functions to meet your needs

Xloan byOpen includes all the Front, Middle and Back activities, in addition to Debt Collection & Litigation, for end-to-end coverage of your loans and guarantees.

Market leaders need to be efficient, agile and progressive to respond to these new developments.

Xloan adapts to your environment, either as an SaaS module or a licence, to provide you with all the services that you and your clients need:

  • Rich and upgradeable central computing unit
  • Adapted data organisation
  • Multi-language and multi-currency interface
  • Multi-channel distribution of your offer
  • Digitalisation of administrative documents in a secured environment
  • Improved productivity through automated bulk tasks and integrated IT
  • Easily orchestrated activities and processes with a programmable and interoperable workflow
  • Better prediction of default risks

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Xloan byOpen, 3 products to optimise management of all your financing activities


 Manage your loans end-to-end
 Cover all your guarantee needs

Optimise the management of your leasing cases

Xloan byOpen also manages your Business loan and guarantee activities.

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