With 3,645 employees, Open is a Leader in Digital Services.

Open's three-dimensional Digital Offering helps support companies through the necessary transformation of their business models, and responds to the challenges its clients face in their transition processes.

Open, a partner in the corporate Industrial and Digital Transition.

The digital transition requires the evolution or even the disruption of business models. To support companies in this transformation, Open's offering can help reconcile IT perspectives with the prospects for digital practice.

At the heart of these redesigned organisations, we are building IT engines of a new type, able to offer equal measures of both use value and functional relevance. As a digital services company (ESN), we are engaged in the industrial and digital transition of our customers' information systems: making digital a driver of value creation for brands and companies, capitalising on corporate assets, overcoming technological barriers, breaking down walls, and developing competitive organisations.

An End-to-End Offer: combining IT and Digital to provide support to its customers for maintaining their existing information systems, while offering digital information system creation capabilities to meet Time to Market challenges.