Xloan Guarantees covers all your guarantee management needs:

  • Third-party guarantees
  • Simple guarantees
  • Regulated guarantees
  • Depreciable guarantees

Xloan Guarantees covers all of your business needs:

  • Fund management / effective study of credit risk and guarantee decisions in line with your practices
  • Management of guarantees received
  • Integration of counter-guarantors or co-guarantors
  • Activation management
  • Renewal management
  • Billing for commissions on guarantees and other fees: flat, recurring, guarantee fund
  • Debt collection management
  • Management of accounting and regulatory treatments


  • Paying out funds very quickly
  • Allowing for online enrolment
  • Sending funds digitally
  • Transferring the guarantee easily, without additional fees
  • Maintaining a digital space for communicating and exchanging documents with beneficiaries
  • Managing logistics with automatic emails and texts
  • Providing appropriate dashboards

In addition to its perfect functionality,
Xloan Guarantees can be easily integrated into your business’s technical environment.

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